Ways To Live Green You Never Thought About Before

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When looking to live a green lifestyle, some overlook basic principles and ideas. When doing this, a household may not do as much for the planet as they can. Here are three unique ways to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Washing clothes: Most families own a washer and dryer. While some smart individuals dry their clothing outside, they should do more. When cleaning clothing, one should use a hand washer or sink. This will help the clothes last longer and will help the household use less energy.

Local: When buying locally produced goods, one can help protect the air. Read the rest of this entry »


What Is Your True Energy Efficiency?

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There are probably quite a few reasons why you try to be as energy efficient as possible when you are at home. First of all, you are probably concerned about your own personal effect on the environment. Secondly, you surely want to make sure that you live an energy efficient lifestyle whenever possible so that you don’t have to shell out a fortune for your energy bill every month. However, how do you know if you are truly being as energy efficient as possible?

With many electric companies, someone from the company will come out and do an Read the rest of this entry »


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Feel Better

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Why should you reduce your carbon footprint? The most common response to such a question will be along the lines of cutting back on carbon emission helps the environment. This is true and there is another reason why it is helpful to cut down a carbon footprint: you can feel a lot better both physically and mentally.

By physically, cutting down on your carbon footprint will often entail living a healthier lifestyle. If you walk or bike more than you drive, you will be improving your cardiovascular conditioning immensely. Your physique will also become leaner and stronger. Read the rest of this entry »


Go Green and Save Green in a Deregulated Energy Market

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One of the simplest ways to go green and save money at the same time is to shop for an energy provider that offers low rates and green energy options. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a deregulated energy market, you have the power to choose your energy supplier. You can switch energy providers with one easy phone call. Energy customers across Alberta are finding better rates and greener energy online. Learn more about Edmonton energy providers at CPL Energy in Texas and discover how you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint in a deregulated energy market.
You can save even more on your monthly energy bills by implementing simple conservation strategies throughout your home. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Set back the thermostat when you’re away from home or overnight when you’re sleeping. Use fans to keep cool in the summer or space heaters to keep warm in winter instead of relying entirely on your HVAC system to regulate the temperature from room to room. Switch from incandescent light bulbs to more energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulb (CFLs) or light-emitting diode (LED) lights.
Going green doesn’t mean sacrificing your comfort and lifestyle. Simple changes can have a big impact on your monthly energy bill and your carbon footprint. When everyone does their part to conserve energy, the savings can add up quickly. When you choose a provider that gets its energy from renewable resources or offers customers a chance to offset their energy consumption with renewable energy credits, you’re doing even more to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
Find the best rates available in your deregulated market. Save on your monthly energy supply bill. Reduce your carbon footprint with green energy supply or offsets against the traditional energy you use. It’s easy to go green without spending a lot of green in a deregulated energy market!


What Is Your Living Green Grade?

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It’s scary to think about, but in just the past century alone pollution has been wreaking havoc on our environment. Many people do things on a daily basis that contribute to more pollution, but they don’t have the knowledge to help them prevent doing so. Here’s a list of three things to know to increase the grade of your living green knowledge:

1. Turn off the lights
Lights that are not being used are just costing you more on your bills and more of the Earth’s natural resources.The whole story can Read the rest of this entry »


Teach Your Children The Value Of Living Green

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One of the most important things to teach our children is how to conserve and be responsible with the planet they live on. The easiest way to start teaching them green habits is to teach them to be aware of how much water and electricity they use on a daily basis. Breaking down bad habits and learning good ones is crucial during childhood.

Start out with teaching them to turn the faucet off when they brush their teeth in the morning and even. Remind them that leaving the lights on when no Read the rest of this entry »


Why Living Green Is A Healthier Choice

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The “living green” mantra is capturing a lot of attention these days. What began as a trendy thing has truly become a way of life for many people. The interesting thing is it’s steadily proving to be a healthier choice. The reasons are numerous, but the main benefits seem to be an awareness and reduction in toxins to both food sources and environment.

Knowing what goes into your food is important. What gets sprayed on or ingested by the animals we eat transfers to us by default. It’s simple mathematics. Many companies are getting better about revealing Read the rest of this entry »


Make Green Household Cleaners For Your Home

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Reading the list of ingredients on some household cleaners makes you want to keep the poison control number handy. They aren’t any good for the environment and the people or pets in your life. Making your own green cleaners is safer and much more inexpensive. A few basic ingredients will keep your home sparkling clean and poison free at the same time.

The most frequently misused cleaning product is bleach. Especially in the treatment and elimination of mold. Bleaching simply takes the color away from mold, but it’s still there. Vinegar will truly Read the rest of this entry »


How To Begin Living Green Today

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You hear the word “green” all around you these days. What exactly does it entail to be or live “green”? When I first considered living green I had visions of a person with heaps of recyclable materials in huge bins. Recycling is a great way to be Earth conscious and reduce waste, but there are simpler ways to start living green.

Turn Off the Light

Something as easy to do as turning off a light that is no longer Read the rest of this entry »

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